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Canadian Citizens

Permanent Residents

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Requirements to Sponsor

The Person you are Sponsoring

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has not yourself been sponsored in the last five (5) years,
  • Be at least 18 years of age,
  • Take full financial responsibility for the sponsored spouse or common-law partner for three (3) years from the time they become permanent residents.
  • must be legally married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (please note that same-sex marriages qualify for sponsorship only if the marriage was performed in a country where same-sex marriage is recognized) OR
  • must have been living with your partner for at least 1 full year (same-sex and opposite-sex partners may apply),
  • must show that you have plans by which you will be able to financially support yourself and any dependents,
  • must successfully complete medical, criminal and background screenings.



What our clients are saying

CAN-AM is an amazing immigration law firm and I highly recommend them, specifically Nir Rozenberg, who helped me to get my wife’s visa after she got refused the first time. The service and fees are A+. If you are looking for a professional IMMIGRATION firm, CAN-AM is your solution!
H Amaach'sCobourg, Ontario