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New Immigration Program: Canada Express Entry – New Points System

Canada Express Entry (EE) Program As of January 1st, 2015 Canada will only accept applications for permanent residence through the Express Entry program. Candidates who would otherwise qualify through any of the following 3 programs will be eligible to submit an...

Canada’s New Immigration Program – Express Entry Starts January 1, 2015

As of January 1st, 2015, Canada’s immigration system as we have known it for generations will have changed.  Express Entry (EE), as Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) calls it, will become the main route by which foreign nationals will be able to apply for and...

New rules for “dependent child” as of August 1

Currently, in the context of Canadian immigration law, a “dependent child” is not only the biological or adopted offspring of an applicant. He or she must meet the following criteria: Under the age of 22 and not married or in a common-law relationship; Reliant on the...

BREAKING NEWS: Overhaul of the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The temporary foreign worker program in Canada has been in question and debated on for the last several months, if not the last few years.  While large and small companies in Canada were able to employ foreign workers to fill labour shortages, the program has come...

Canadian Experience Class Changes – How will you be affected?

For international students and foreign workers in Canada, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), has long been the best route to permanent resident (PR) status in Canada.  However, recent changes to the Canadian Experience Class may disqualify you from the program if...