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You have an employer in Canada, an approved Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and you now need to apply for a caregiver work permit. What do you need to do to ensure you submit a complete and thorough application? What types of documents do you need to support your claims of knowledge and experience?

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Depending on your country of citizenship or legal residence of more than one year, the documents required may vary. Always make sure to download the application package from Citizenship & Immigration Canada and carefully follow the instructions. Caregivers who simply fill out the forms, submit a basic reference letter and a police clearance may not always be approved. Prior to November 30, 2015, Regulation 112 of the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act required applicants to to meet the following requirements;

  • complete high school, equivalent to 12 years of education, and
  • complete either 12 months of work experience (in related occupation) or successful completion of a 6-month in-class caregiver course, and
  • Have a good proficiency in English or French

After November 30, 2015, Regulation 112 of IRPA no longer applies and Canada immigration officers have slightly more discretion in making decisions on your work permit application.

Here’s how to ensure you submit a strong and complete caregiver work permit application:

  1. Ensure you review the requirements of the job that are indicated on the approved LMIA. You will need to meet these requirements, and provide evidence that you do.
  2. Complete the application forms and provide only true and complete information. Especially when you are completing your work and education history sections.
  3. Collect all required documents which are listed on the document checklist. Remember that if there is a document you cannot provide, writing an explanation letter will always be a good idea.
  4. Your reference letters should always be written by your employer and include the following information;
    1. your job title
    2. duration of your employment
    3. your salary or hourly wage
    4. the number of hours you worked per week
    5. a list of your main job duties and responsibilities

A CIC officer will eventually make a decision on your caregiver work permit application. If your application is refused, you cannot appeal the decision. If the LMIA application is still valid, you may wish to apply again for a work permit. Remember that you will need to provide new information, otherwise you will receive another refusal.

Our office represents many caregivers, both in Canada and overseas. If you experience issues with your caregiver work permit application, or you have received a refusal, feel free to contact us for a free consultation to determine what options you may have, and how we can help.