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Express Entry – New Hiring System for Canadian Employers

Canadian employers who have trouble finding employees to fill necessary positions will now have the option to use Canada’s newest tool.  On January 1st, 2015 at approximately 12 noon EST, the Government of Canada will be launching Express Entry.  Despite many critics, including us, the government of Canada believes it is a great new tool that help Canadian organizations to build their workforce.

If you are unable to fill a position in your workforce with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident you can consider hiring an experienced foreign worker through the Express Entry ‘pool’.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada is making the Express Entry pool available to anyone from anywhere in the world. This selection tool will manage applications from foreigners making an expression of their interest to become permanent residents in Canada.  Citizenship & Immigration Canada will select individuals from the pool to become permanent residents based on a Comprehensive Ranking System.  Canadian employers will be able to get access to the pool of candidates and nominate those they believe would contribute best to their organizations.

If you are an employer and would like more information on Express Entry and how it can help your organization, call our office to speak with a Regulated Immigration Consultant today.