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Canada Express Entry (EE) Program

As of January 1st, 2015 Canada will only accept applications for permanent residence through the Express Entry program. Candidates who would otherwise qualify through any of the following 3 programs will be eligible to submit an application to show their interest in obtaining permanent residence in Canada:

  • Federal Skilled Workers

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Provincial Nominees

The Canada Express Entry program is points based, and is incredibly confusing. There are many variables, and candidates may apply as single, or with dependents to ensure they are awarded the highest number of points. Candidates will have to pass an English language test and have their educational credentials assessed and possess at least 12 months of full time paid skilled work experience.

Candidates who have previously worked or studied in Canada will be awarded additional points. Those candidates who have arranged employment offers or have been nominated through a Provincial Nominee Program will be among those who are selected as priority.

How it Works

Candidates create an Express Entry profile. The candidate will receive an automatic score which will be used by Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) to determine which candidates, compared to others within the ‘pool’ will be invited to apply. Since candidates will be ‘competing’ with other candidates in the ‘pool’ it is important that your profile is created with the most accurate and appropriate information.

CIC will begin “inviting” applicants to apply with the first invitations being sent out in the last two weeks of January.

Arranged Job Offers and Provincial Nominations

Candidates who will apply through Canada Express Entry program with arranged job offers or provincial nominations will be selected first before those who have not secured a job in Canada nor have a provincial nomination. Citizenship & Immigration will be able to control the ‘dial’ on how many applicants they will be bring to Canada, and ensure that only the most qualified, skilled, and those who can contribute to Canada’s economy the most will be invited to apply. Candidates who do not have arranged employment offers will need to register with the national job bank which is designed to assist them in finding an employer.

Receiving an Invitation to Apply

Candidates will be invited to apply as per Canada’s needs and requirements at the time. Applicants who receive an Invitation to Apply (IOA) will be required to submit their supporting documentation within 60 days of receiving the IOA. It is important to note that your Express Entry profile must be accurate and consistent with the documentation provided, otherwise applicants could be considered to have misrepresented their circumstances and be banned from the program.

Processing Times

Citizenship & Immigration Canada is committed to processing applicants who have received an invitation to apply within 6 months from the time they submit all requirements. Thereby, speeding up the process for potential immigrants.

No Guarantees – Like a Lottery

While the Canada Express Entry program is open to anyone, there are no guarantees that a candidate will be invited to apply. This is similar to a lottery, with the exception that the more points you are awarded, the higher your chances are to be invited. We strongly recommend that candidates consult a professional before entering in the program to ensure the highest number of points will be awarded.

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