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The Ontario Filipino Ministerial Fellowship (OFMF), a group of 70 pastors with 40,000 parishioners, is outraged over recent comments made by Minister of Multiculturalism Jason Kenney about Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP).

Rev. Teck Uy, Ministerial President of the OFMF, said Kenney has unfairly branded the LCP participants with his statements.

“Characterizing LCP participants in general in such a negative light by claiming that they are using and abusing the program to the extent that it has mutated into a family reunification program is grossly unfair,” he said.

Rev. Teck Uy was referring to Kenney’s comments in June, where Kenney said the LCP has become “an extended family reunification program” where the majority of entrants were “actually coming to work for relatives.”


Kenney said he had met with 70 nannies at a seminar in Manila who were “all” going to work for relatives in Canada, but his claim doesn’t align with the findings of a two-year research project led by Gabriela Ontario, a Filipino women’s rights group.

The project surveyed more than 630 current and former live-in caregivers in six cities, followed by 55 focus groups, to explore the demographic profile of the caregivers and their transition into Canada.

It found that 88 percent of the Filipino caregivers who arrived in Canada over the past five years were hired through recruitment agencies directly or by unrelated employers through referrals. Of those who arrived more than 10 years ago, only 36 percent came in through recruiters, and 47 percent through a direct hire.

Rev. Teck Uy said the majority of the Filipinos who came to Canada via the program “came through legitimate employment contracts and have become successful immigrants who are actively contributing together with their families in making Canada a better country.”