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Employment Minister Jason Kenney will announce an agreement with the provinces today to recognize 10 new occupations, including welders, carpenters and electricians, to improve foreign credential recognition.

The precise occupations include several skilled trades, a government official has said.

Kenney will provide the details this afternoon in Vancouver, while Immigration Minister Chris Alexander will make an announcement in Toronto.

Foreign Worker Change 20140620

The news was discussed at a meeting with provincial and territorial labour ministers last week in Charlottetown.

At the meeting, Kenney said he sought a clear commitment on apprenticeships and a specific timeline to facilitate labour mobility between provinces for skilled tradespeople.

The discussions in Charlottetown were a success and the provinces were “very positive,” a government official noted.

Last fall, there was little interest by the provinces and territories to move forward with a national approach on apprenticeships, but Kenney has been able to convince them otherwise by relaying what he learned during his trip to Germany and the UK earlier this year.


Kenney announced a major overhaul of the government’s temporary foreign worker program last month, but western premiers have complained the crackdown is unduly hurting their provinces, where there is a shortage of skilled workers in some industries.